Jamie McNaughton

Technical Director

As the Technical Director, Jamie McNaughton is responsible for the technical engineering content and guiding the strategic direction of all powertrain programs at Roush Yates Engines.

McNaughton and his team work in partnership with Ford Performance on the design, development and test strategies for the NASCAR Ford FR9 V8 engine platforms, as well as the twin-turbo Ford EcoBoost V6, Ford Shelby GT350R-C V8 road race engine programs and Roush Yates Engines’ own RY45 engine program.

Prior to joining Roush Yates Engines in 2013, he led the design and development of several production and race engine programs while working at Ford Motor Company and Harley-Davidson Motor Company, which took him around the world to Austria, Italy, Germany and India.

He has been involved in motorsports for over 30 years and enjoys the challenge of competition, winning and teamwork.

McNaughton graduated from the University of Michigan and received his masters from University of Wisconsin – Madison.