MOORESVILLE, NC – October 3, 2019 – Roush Yates Engines announced today a multi-year partnership extension agreement with Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A.

Mitsubishi Materials will continue to be the official CNC tooling supplier of Roush Yates Engines and Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions.

Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. has long been an industry leader in the cutting tool industry. They have expanded and opened a brand new 33,000 sq. ft. world-class Machining Technology and Education Center (MTEC) in Mooresville, NC. With this facilities’ increased size and capabilities of training, customer process analysis, tooling evaluation, and complete process improvement analysis, MTEC is able to reach and assist more customers and machinists in the Machining Industry today.
“Mitsubishi Materials and MTEC is critical to the machining of our high-performance engine components as well as our diversity into other industries,” said Todd English, VP Strategic Partnerships and Marketing of Roush Yates Engines. “We have over 50 state-of-the-art CNC machines at Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions and we rely on Mitsubishi Materials products and expertise to help us reduce cycle time and tool wear while machining tight tolerances. In addition, their training facility is first class. Our machinists have been able to receive personalized training on new tooling, techniques, and leverage their collective knowledge when working on projects. We look forward to growing our partnership with Mitsubishi Materials and internal growth in order to meet the demands of the marketplace today and as well as innovating for the future.”
Since we have the capabilities to machine a vast variety of materials, from steel and aluminum to titanium and various composite materials, we rely heavily on Mitsubishi Materials’ premier cutting-tools. We leverage a large array of indexable and solid carbide cutting tools including; tuning, milling, drilling, and solid carbide endmills.
“Mike and his team at Mitsubishi Materials play an instrumental role at RYMS (Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions),” commented Mitch Miller, VP Manufacturing of Roush Yates Manufacturing Solutions. “As we expanded into our 88,000 sq. ft. CNC facility, we were able to scale up production and flexibility for new projects being included from the aerospace and defense industries. We rely on Mitsubishi Materials to deliver world-class cutting tools to meet our needs and ensure that we are optimizing our machining processes. This is essential for our growth and sustainability in today’s business, where product, precision, quality, and delivery are critical.”
“To Mike and the entire team at Mitsubishi Materials, thank you for your continued support and shared passion for delivering the best products over the years,” said Doug Yates, President and CEO of Roush Yates Engines. “We look forward to the next chapter of our partnership with Mitsubishi Materials and MTEC.”
“To Doug and the entire team at Roush Yates Engines we are grateful for such a great partnership and asset to our company especially since we opened our MTEC facility in Mooresville, NC,” noted Mike Pace, Executive Director – Marketing, Engineering, Business Development – Cutting Tools for Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. “We push each other to be first in class in our respective industry and we look forward to this partnership extension.”

About Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A.:

Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A., based in Mooresville, NC, was founded in 1984 with a charter to provide solutions in manufacturing process technologies to leading manufacturing companies in North America. We are a leader in technology, quality, product offering; having talented employees; and as a partner with leading manufacturers in diverse industries. Our success is embedded with the belief that a commitment to a professional business environment, team effort and talents from diverse cultural background formulate the unique organizational culture the company offers.

We focus on providing solutions in manufacturing process technologies. Our products are application-specific for customers’ processes. In-depth engineering and superior customer satisfaction are components of products we deliver to our customers. Our manufacturing plants are all ISO certified, TPM installed, and 5S implemented world-class operations. Mitsubishi Materials is committed to environmentally sound manufacturing operations. To learn more about Mitsubishi Materials U.S.A. or MTEC visit and

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